From top to quilt!

Many quilts and tops have found their "Forever Homes", thanks to the many people who partner with Born Again Quilts to bring them back to life. These are their stories.

Home for Christmas!

Kathy Wilson loves animals, especially elephants and fell in love with this circa 1955 piece. It was never quilted and sewn to a utilitarian back fabric.  Son Zack bought the piece and the reinvention was on! The back fabric was replaced with a piece of "Golden Book" fabric.  Tone on tone blue was use to frame both the front and the back.  Mice scurry on the inner borders, while elephants parade top and bottom. 

Zack writes "Lois, my mom loved the quilt! I've never given her a better Christmas gift, she loved it so much cuz it was from the 50's when she was born, and then all the added features like the elephants and the backing of the nursery rhymes she used to read to me. she will b stopping up sometime soon 2 c u! hope u had a wonderful Christmas!"