Dog Chews Grandma's Comforter!


One day a woman calls me with a sorry tale. While moving, she decided to put her grandmother’s handmade comforter in a plastic bag on the back seat of her car along with her dog, Schatzie. Sharon figured this was a safer way to move it than in the moving van.


When they arrived at their new home, Sharon’s teenage son moved the dog carrier into the garage and placed the plastic bag beside it. Time passed, Schatzie got bored and chewed big gaping holes in grandma’s comforter!

For two years Sharon kept the comforter in the bag, too heartsick to see it in such disrepair. Sharon noticed in the IPFW catalog that I teach quilt restoration. Not handy with needle and thread, she asked me to restore it for her.

When I examined the comforter, she was amazed at how much I could tell her about it from looking at the fabrics and the techniques used to make it. Like a “CSI Investigator”, I showed her the clues the comforter revealed to me. I gave her options on how the comforter could be restored. We developed a plan and the restoration process began.


A few months later Sharon, Schatzie and the comforter reunite. Sharon is pleased to have the comforter restored to be enjoyed by future generations.

Comforter: “Diamonds in the Square” circa 1890-1915